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Alumni List Policy

Print List and Mass E-Mail Policy and Procedure for UNL Colleges and Campus Partners

The Nebraska Alumni Association and NU Foundation will gladly assist with lists for printed communications and electronic communication to UNL alumni in their shared database.   E-mail communications will be sent by the NAA or NUF on behalf of the chapter, affiliate or campus partner.  Our policy limits release of sensitive information like phone numbers and e-mail addresses for privacy reasons. Address lists for printed communications will be generated and sent to campus partners, such as alumni affiliate groups with a campus presence. We do not produce mailing labels in house; it is the responsibility of the requestor to arrange for transfer of our file into labels.  The following guidelines have been established to ensure alumni are being served in the most efficient manner possible, respecting their privacy and providing consistent standards. 
  • The following e-mail/list requests will be processed through the Nebraska Alumni Association:
    • University-sponsored events and services.
    • College and departmental announcements and alumni newsletters.
    • Nebraska Alumni Association event and service announcements and electronic newsletters

    • For requests of this nature, please contact the following association staff members:
  • The following E-mail/list requests will be processed through the NU Foundation:
    • NU Foundation donor communications.
    • Invitations to Foundation-sponsored events.
    • Fundraising e-mails from UNL colleges, departments and other units.
    • For requests of this nature, please contact your college or institute development officer or Tessa Breneman (tbreneman@nufoundation.org, 402-458-1246) if you do not have a University Foundation development officer contact.
  • The NAA and NUF are unable to send the following types of e-mails:
    • Solicitations of a commercial nature.  Those wishing to promote products or services to alumni may consider paid placement in one of the association’s publications.  Information can be found at huskeralum.org/news/publications/ratekit/.
    • Solicitations or invitations that do not directly benefit a UNL college, department, organization or affiliate. (Example, unrelated charitable causes)
    • Solicitations of a personal nature.
  • Process for E-Mail Communications
    • Schedule your communication by contacting the appropriate NAA or NUF staff member at least ten days prior to your desired blast date.  
    • Determine the scope of your list.  Your NAA or NUF staff member will assist you with this process and generate the list accordingly.
    • Submit your text.  We will make every effort to use your text verbatim, however we do reserve the right to make editorial adjustments as needed for length or clarity.  We encourage you to keep the message brief in order to yield the best readership results. The platform we use does not allow for attachments. If you are sending an e-mail newsletter, rather than an e-mail message, contact Claire Abelbeck (cabelbeck@huskeralum.org, 402-472-4209) for newsletter content guidelines and assistance.
    • NAA/NUF will provide a draft of your e-mail in an HTML template for your review.
    • Approximately 3 days after the blast is sent, NAA/NUF will provide a measurement report including recipients, opens and click-throughs to links included in the e-mail.
  • Process for List for Print Communications
    • Contact the appropriate NAA or NUF staff member 10 business days prior to the date by which you need the list.  
    • Determine the scope of your list.  Your NAA or NUF staff member will assist you with this process.
    • We have a standard mailing file field setup that meets the needs of almost all mailings, though we are happy to discuss custom fields in cases where it is possible and practical.   Most lists are generated in MS Excel, however other formats are available upon request.  
    • Within 10 business days, you will receive your list.  
    • Adhere to Confidentiality Guidelines outlined below.
  • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Mailing lists are confidential and protected under the Privacy Act. These are the property of the University of Nebraska Foundation and/or the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Alumni Association. Recipients choosing to use mailing lists are agreeing to the following:
    • Lists shall remain confidential.
    • Lists shall remain property of the Foundation and/or the Alumni Association(s).
    • Lists may not be copied, downloaded, placed or stored in a retrieval system, further transmitted or otherwise reproduced, stored, disseminated, transferred, used, or communicated in any form or by any means to any person or entity unless the Foundation or appropriate Alumni Association has given prior written authorization.
    • When not in use, it is the responsibility of the user to store the information in a secure manner that does not compromise the confidential nature of this information.
    • The information accessed by the user shall not be used for commercial, political or any other non-authorized purpose.
    • When the information is no longer of use to the user, it is the user’s responsibility to dispose of this information, and any authorized copies, in a manner that does not compromise the confidential nature of this information. 
  • Other items of note:
    • The number of e-mail blasts sent to audiences of 10,000+ will be limited to two per week across the entire university community.  Scheduled e-mails will generally take precedence.  
    • List requests for sensitive information are occasionally released. Use and intention of list must be submitted to the NAA Communications Team and approved prior to processing.
    • The NAA and the NUF reserve the right to refuse a mailing or E-mail request at their discretion.

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