Hoosiers for Huskers: Indiana Alpha Chapter


Hoosiers for Huskers: Chapter By-Laws

The by-laws

The by-laws of HFH set the standard for governance and operation of the chapter and shall be observed at all times and in all chapter-related business and functions.


Amending the by-laws

HFH by-laws may be amended through a majority vote by all the chapter’s board members. Quorums are permitted to conduct such business. Proxies are not eligible in a vote to amend the chapter’s by-laws.


General membership requirements

General members do not need to be alumni, current or former residents of Nebraska. Ideally, however, members should be Indiana residents who live in Marion County or the immediate surrounding counties. Members need to support and embrace the chapter’s mission statement. Members are not required to pay annual dues to HFH or NAA but are encouraged in order to enjoy full benefits of membership.


Membership dues

HFH dues are annual: $20 for a single person, $15 if a current member of NAA; $25 for a couple, $20 if a current NAA member; and $30 for a family membership (maximum of four members), $25 if a current member of NAA. Annual membership for NAA is $50/year or $60/year for a joint membership. Enroll at: https://community.huskeralum.org/SSLPage.aspx?pid=215


Membership benefits

HFH members shall receive a chapter directory; prioritized entry to football watch parties and other televised Nebraska sports events; annual newsletter with chapter news and activity announcements; emails with updates about chapter functions; prioritized ticket purchasing opportunities (based on chapter dues enrollment); merchandise purchasing opportunities, community service opportunities and volunteer events.


Chapter officers/board members

HFH chapter board members are the officer positions of president, the vice president, secretary, treasurer and Webmaster. Holders of such offices shall vote and determine chapter business. It is preferred and expected that all officers be present to vote on chapter business, but proxies and quorums are permitted. 

If an officer vacates their position before term expiration, then the remaining officers will choose a replacement, by majority vote, to serve out the remainder of the vacated position's term.


Requirements for officers/board members

As ambassadors of the University, it is important to tell your chapter colleagues that you are a member of the parent organization and do your part to support the University of Nebraska. Therefore, all chapter board members -- president, vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, Webmaster – must be dues-paying members of HFH and NAA. See “Membership dues” section for pricing.


Further, HFH board members must be Indiana residents and live in Marion County or the surrounding counties of Hamilton, Boone, Madison, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson, Shelby and Hancock. 


Leadership structure

                a. Officers

1. President: reports to NAA.

2. Vice president/chapter director: reports to president

3. Secretary/VP of membership: reports to president

4. Treasurer/VP of scholarship and fundraising: reports to vice president/chapter director

5. Webmaster/VP of communications: reports to president

                a. Team leaders

1. Assistant Webmaster: reports to Webmaster/vice president of communications

2. Communications: reports to Webmaster/vice president of communications

3. Events: reports to vice president/chapter director

4. Watch sites: reports to vice president/chapter director

5. Fundraising/scholarship: reports to treasurer/VP of scholarship and fundraising

6. Membership/recruiting: reports to secretary/VP of membership

7. Meetings sites: reports to vice president/chapter director


Chapter officer job descriptions, responsibilities

President: Responsible for overall operation of chapter, presides over meetings, oversees general chapter business and acts as primary liaison to the NAA. Also, acts as co-team leader for communications team. 

Additionally, to be eligible to run for President of Hoosiers for Huskers, one must first serve a two-year term in another Hoosiers for Huskers Chapter officer position.


Vice President/chapter director: Reports to the president and assists in the aforementioned duties, assuming the role of president in his or her absence. Also, acts as co-director for membership team.


Secretary/VP of membership: Responsible for recording minutes of meetings and providing said content to Webmaster for posting on the chapter’s Facebook and NAA-sponsored Website. Also, must ensure that accurate and sufficient documentation exists and is available upon chapter board request.


Treasurer/VP of scholarship and fundraising: Responsible for maintaining the chapter’s finances, keeping a ledger and submitting monthly reports for review during chapter officer meetings. Also, develops budget for chapter business, as well as maintain accounts for chapter operation and scholarships.


Webmaster: Responsible for maintaining chapter’s Facebook page and posting content provided by the chapter board. Responsible for ensuring content is posted on the NAA -sponsored Web site, too. Also, must ensure Web content is relevant, timely and promotes the chapter’s primary mission of promoting watch parties, Big Ten outreach, scholarship/recruiting and the University’s non-football offerings.


Chapter team leader job descriptions and responsibilities

Assistant Webmaster: Responsible for assisting the chapter Webmaster, as needed.


Fundraising/scholarship: Responsible for working with chapter leaders to create and implement fundraising and donation opportunities for the chapter. Also, charged with identifying an Indiana resident (qualifications to be determined) to receive a chapter-sponsored scholarship (target goal of $500) to attend the University, and recruiting benefactors to support scholarship.


Communications: Responsible for contacting local media (radio, newspapers, TV, sports Web sites) and other relevant entities (pro sports franchises, athletic clubs, education foundations, in-state Big Ten schools, etc.) to promote chapter business and events. Also, communicates key information to Webmaster for posting on chapter’s Facebook and NAA-sponsored Website.


Watch sites/events: Responsible for planning, organizing and implementing chapter events, as well as securing watch party sites, and coordinating with other chapter leaders to ensure wide promotion, maximum attendance and profit, if possible. Responsibilities include setting up and tearing down at events.


Membership/youth outreach: Responsible for growing chapter membership, leading recruiting efforts and interfacing with potential supporters of the University. These directors shall work closely with the chapter vice president and fundraising/scholarship director.


Meeting sites: Responsible for securing convenient, low-cost or free meeting sites, ensuring proper space to accommodate chapter leadership, as well as access to utilities, restrooms, parking, multimedia capabilities, and food and drink, if needed. Meeting sites shall be accommodating to all chapter members, and include a rotation of sites in the Indianapolis area. All meeting sites shall be approved by the president or vice presidents.


Professional, personal conduct policy
As members of HFH, you will be recognized by your community as representatives of the University of Nebraska. People who come into contact with you or your chapter will form perceptions about the University from those interactions. Please remember that you’re not only representing your chapter, but the NAA and the University as a whole.


Chapter board members and other leaders must adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. Members should display good judgment, diplomacy and courtesy when interacting with alumni members and others at watch parties, chapter events and when you are in the community at large. This also applies to written and electronic communications, both chapter-related and personal. For example, forwarding an email to friends that portrays the university or its athletic teams negatively is not acceptable.


Code of Conduct
1. Respect the law and system of Nebraska Alumni Association governance. This includes the willingness to operate, and/or change chapter operations, in a manner that best supports and promotes the mission of the University of Nebraska. Illegal or corrupt conduct shall be reported to the association immediately.

2. Respect all people, employing honesty, courtesy, kindness, fairness, non-discrimination, encouragement and a positive outlook at all times.

3. Maintain integrity. As an always-identifiable representative, chapter board members, leaders and volunteers should ensure that all communications (spoken, emails, electronic texts, printed communications, Web sites and online networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter and others) reflect the highest moral and ethic standards. Communications should be informational, factual and encouraging. Chapter leaders should refrain from obscenity, profanity and vulgarity.

4. Strive for economy and efficiency. Chapter board members, leaders and volunteers shall practice good stewardship of chapter resources.

Failure to adhere and respect the aforementioned code, in part or whole, will result in forfeiture of all membership rights, board or officer position or leadership role. Dues will not be refunded.



Following are the chapter’s fiduciary rules and responsibilities:

1. The chapter shall maintain an annual budget to cover routine operational expenses, such as copying, meeting space reservation fees, office supplies, deposits, etc.

2. Only the chapter president, vice presidents or treasurer are authorized to sign checks/disperse money on behalf of the chapter. Such officers shall be referred to as chapter signers.

3. All expenses must be pre-approved through a vote of the chapter board officers.

4. The chapter shall maintain a separate account for scholarship use. A minimum 50 percent of all fundraising funds, donations, chapter membership fees, etc., shall be dedicated to the scholarship fund.

5. The chapter shall pay 25 cents per mile for chapter business, subject to board approval.

6. Chapter rules and responsibilities may be amended per a vote of the chapter board.


Written and submitted by Scott Thien, Aug. 3, 2010

Unanimously approved by the HFH board on Aug. 3, 2010



Contact the chapter

Hoosiers for Huskers

Nebraska Alumni Association

Indiana Alpha, Indianapolis Chapter

Email: hoosiers4huskers@gmail.com



Scott Thien, President

Teresa Rympa Gooding, VP/Chapter Director

Chris Stivers, Webmaster/VP Communications

Jack Kreman, Treasurer/VP of Scholarship & Fundraising

Erin Sloan,  Secretary/VP of Membership



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